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Every user that successfully completed the tasks in the airdrop bot @killerxplugbot in telegram will receive a 300 $PLUG reward. b. Every referral that the user successful referred, he/she will be entitled to an additional 20 $PLUG tokens (~$ 0.33) for each referral, capped at 5 invitations. c. The total number of LEGIT registrations (no ghost accounts) is capped at 10,000 users based on a first-come-first-serve basis. To be Eligible for the airdrop: Kindly join PLUGChain’s Telegram Group and then click on @KillerXPLUGBot in the pinned message and follow the steps in the bot carefully to be eligible for the airdrop! Do note that fake social media accounts created for the purpose of getting airdrop will be filtered out and you will not receive the token. If you have registered for the airdrop using social media accounts that are older than 3 months, you should be good to go.